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Private Event-Virtual

From: $200.00

Covid-19 ain’t stopping no show! Book this 1-Hour private party to celebrate a bachelorette party, birthday, or girl’s night!

This show-stopping party combines striptease & floorwork. Learn to walk like you own the room, how to TOUCH your body to seduce your damn self and your partner (if you choose), and several naughty move sequences.

Learn signature moves and how to put them together in a sexy-af-super-fun routine! It’s the perfect way to bond with your besties and learn some sexy moves to take home to bae or perfect for yourself!

What to wear: Wear what you feel sexy in. The best options are to begin with a base layer of lingerie/shorts & bra/top. Cover those legs by wearing fishnets/capris/leggings/leg warmers. We will learn to strip off a pair of panties or a button-down shirt. Be prepared with the shirt and have the panties within arms reach. Heels are highly encouraged but optional.