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Group Programs

Intimate Group coaching programs marrying mindset coaching with movement instruction.

Shamelessly Align

3 Month Group Coaching Program
  •  Unlimited Live classes for 90 days. 12 monthly classes to choose from.
  • Digital-on your schedule-program. 
  • A Private Strategy Session
  • One 90 min. Program movement class/wk.
    • Weekly recordings provided (expires 7 days post class date)
  • 6 Pre-recorded Movement & Mindset lessons
  • Weekly Themes and Shameless Assignments
  • Shameless Members Only Monthly Masterclass Series (60min/Class)
  • Access to Spotify Playlists

Discover 6 Week Series

Tailored series focuses on leveling up what YOU are currently capable of.

A customized 6 week curriculum including a new move sequence, transitions and intentions to guide your sensual-self discovery. Complete with tricks/techniques to lead you to your physical goals.

  • We will meet once per week for 75 minutes online.
  • Intimate group of, no more than 8, similar level students
  • Discounted weekly classes

From never having touched a pole to experience beginners (can climb, fan kick, pencil hold, confident 2-handed spins). Perfect for Club dancers who want to learn tailored beginner tricks and sequences too!


An hour-long, weekly, addictive group class workout that proves your sexy never left. Come dance with me!

Seductive Flow

Pole Class

Schedule: Every Thursday at 7PM


A choreography based pole class that exudes attitude and sensuality as we dive deep into the choreo. This is no 5-6-7-8 choreography which frees you up to find yourself inside the movement and still be apart of the class. We warm up, dance-dance-dance, free-dance and stretch. See you on the pole!

Wear what you feel sexy in:
Dance wear (fashion top, booty shorts),
Knee pads are HIGHLY recommended
Stripper heels (platforms)
Barefoot, socks/no shoes


Floor Class

Schedule: Every Friday at 7PM


A technique and fluid transitions floorwork class. Finally, perfect wavy legs, shoulder rolls, raunchy bicycles and other gooey transitions. Prepare to be captivating, slinky, ooey-gooey, deliciousness. All while strengthening what it means to “improvise”.

Wear what you feel sexy in:
Gym wear (tank tops and leggings),
Dance wear (fashion top, booty shorts),
Designed stockings/tights,
Thigh high socks
Tall heels (platforms)
Barefoot, socks/no shoes


Stretch Class

Schedule: Every Sunday at 12PM


Connect to your body with this fluid deep stretch class. songs. We begin with active yoga flow to warm-up and sink into our bodies. Using fundamental active and passive yoga postures to encourage flexibility in the muscles.Set to mood lighting and sexually suggestive/outright explicit music.

Yoga Mat Required. Kneepads suggested. A yoga block and strap may also be utilized to deepen your practice

Drippin’ Honey

Lap Dance Masterclass

Schedule: 5PM 4th Sunday every month


120/Minute Live Class
– Slow that azz down and connect! This is a workshop-style class that teaches exotic lap-dance moves that are oooey-gooey-honey dripping-finger licking good-ness. Learn how to draw them in, own your sexy and #shamelessly give a dance that impresses! Slow and controlled moves n transitions. Knee-pads required, heels requested and dress to impress 😏💋.
– I will slow-demo as well. Wear what you feel sexy in. Knee pads are a good idea, but not required.


Masterclass on shoulder rolls, body rolls, hip rolls, figure 8’s, and transitioning into out of them.

Schedule: 7PM 4th Saturday of every month


This is a masterclass on shoulder rolls, body rolls, hip rolls, wavy legs, figure 8’s, and transitioning into out of them. The focus is technique to ensuring you don’t injure yourself, and look like flowing water when transitioning. This is NOT a choreography based class. We will put what we learn together in a free dance to multiple songs/genres. Layers are HIGHLY suggested (leggings, legwarmers, socks, tee-shirt). Knee Pads Required. Heels are encouraged and recommended

Private Lessons

Tailored training in intimate group settings, to advance your pole journey. 

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Private Movement Instruction

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$225/90 mins

Mndset Coaching + Movement Instruction


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